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Wet Room Panel

This product has a special coating called 'easy clean glass' applied to the surface of each glass panel. This special protective coating is applied under supervised factory conditions. The invisible and protective 'easy clean glass' coating shields against the build up of lime scale, stains, dirt and soap scum. Depending on you use and the hardness of water in your area, this protective coating will last for years. To ensure your coated matrix easy clean glass is kept in pristine condition, just rinse or wipe with a damp cloth.
8mm toughened safety glass
1900mm height
Clear glass only
Ultra slim wall profile
10mm out of true adjustment
Chrome support
Sizes Available:
W800 x H1900
W900 x H1900
W1000 x H1900
W1200 x H1900
W1400 x H1900
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