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Nestor Martin Harmony 1

oil harmony1

The Harmony 1 has the capacity to produce 9kW of heat and is therefore capable of heating much more than a single room of less than baronial hall proportions, yet is able to sit discreetly on the hearth of a standard fireplace. Two boiler options are offered with this stove; the smaller one being suitable for heating domestic hot water and the larger boiler capable of heating several radiators. Where the stove is to be fitted to a house built to recent high thermal specifications the Harmony I, when fitted with the larger boiler, will effectively supply the total heat requirement for the smaller house, and when running on a minimum setting will limit the room heating to only 1kW. For people with rooms best described as large and draughty the Harmony I is still able to give 6kW of room heating while giving constant hot water when fitted with the smaller boiler. Illustrated here in black satin enamel and with its coal effect, the Harmony I always remain discreetly elegant.

-Heat output of 16kW
-Durable cast-iron body
-Thermostatic regulation
-Primary and secondary air controls
-Airwash system to keep glass clean

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