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Burington 14kW

burrington 14kw

The Burrington insert boiler stove produces 13.3KW total output efficiently with its full wraparound boiler it'™s easily large enough to heat a two / three bedroom house, helping to reduce your heating bills considerably. The Burrington is a coal burning appliance making it a practical alternative to gas or oil. Simple regulated burning is achievable through its thermostatic air control system.

The Mendip Burrington fits in a standard UK fireplace so installation is straight forward making it a perfect replacement to your existing open fire. Additional provision of pipe work is needed.

Boiler stoves like the Burrington can be combined with an existing heating system or used as a stand-alone device.

-Cleanburn technology
-Thermostatic Air control system
-Heat Output Room 14kw
-Efficiency of 80%

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