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DRU Lugo 80/2

dru lugo 70 2

The ideal fireplace for corner installation. This fireplace is equipped with Eco Wave. With the Eco Wave, you have 15 different flame height settings to choose from. The Lugo 80/2 is available in both left and right hand side variant. There is a fantastic, two-sided view of the fire, many wooden logs and beautiful flames.

Brand: DRU
Model: Built-in
Fuel: Natural gas / propane
Output (kW): 6.9 kW / 8.0 kW
Combustion system: Closed
Efficiency: 80%
Interior finish: Black smooth,
Other finishes: Black Ceraglass
Burner: Log set
Fire-view: Front
Controls: Remote control with electronic ignition (RCE)


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