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Hunter Consort 15 Double Sided Single Depth Stove

consort 15ds

The luxorious Consort 15 holds buckets of fuel and creates a seriously hearty output. Fuel it up and the consort 15 can be left to smoulder. That means you can take a long walk after an enormous Sunday dinner, then relax and relish the warmth that'™s still radiating from this trusty stove.

Equipped with all our finest technology, on a bigger scale, choose the single depth or double depth with heat outputs ranging from 8kW to 25kW, so it can handle big or open-plan spaces with ease. For those who don'™t do anything in small portions...

-Single or double door
-8 - 15kW (single depth) or
-14 - 25kW (double depth) heat output range
-Hot airwash keeps glass clean
-TripleBurn technology
-Wood Burning & Multi fuel

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