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Mendip 5


The Mendip 5 stove has some really nice touches like solid stainless steel turned door pins, thick steel used on the secondary airwash control so that the action is really firm and solid, a nice solid door handle and a large primary air vent, also both in stainless steel. The Mendip 5 also burns well running at an efficiency of nearly 79% when burning wood.

A lot of work and testing has also gone into making the enamel finishes on the Mendip 5 stoves consistently right. The enamelled versions have a particularly funky look which reminds me of high-end 1950's styling, given to them partly by the bright enamel colour and by the simple, generous, stainless steel controls.

The Mendip 5 is a multifuel stove with a riddling grate suited to the small-medium sized room.

-Available as Wood Burning or multi-Fuel
-Available with or without Pedestal
-DEFRA approved appliance
-Cast iron riddling grate
-Front air wash, helps keep glass clean
-2 Year Warranty
-78.9% Efficiency
-5 kW Nominal output

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