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Hunter Compact 5

hunter compact 5

Small space, big ideas? No need to compromise on your stove. The Hunter Compact 5 is a scaled-down version of the classic Herald 5. It's bursting to show you what it's got. Designed with plenty of traditional charm, the Compact is totally customisable. You can choose your finish (a choice of 3 shades) and doors (single or double).

This beast is compact, but no less fiery: you'™ll enjoy a magnificent 4kW output thanks to the built-in Tripleburn technology. Whether you use logs or other low-emission fuel, the Compact is designed to get the best performance from your fuel. So... are you ready to think big? Squeeze in the deceptively small Herald 5 Compact stove, and light up the room.

-Easy access for chimney sweeping
-A dust free, safe and easy riddling system
-Safe and efficient for overnight burning
-Natural convection
-Efficiency of 76%
-5 year warranty
-Heat output of 5kW

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