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Westfire UNIQ 26

westfire uniq26

A stunning new stove from Westfire, the Uniq 26 is similar to the Westfire 15 (which is the stove I use in my office) but with a few distinctive changes. The most obvious new feature of the Westfire 26 is the window. The window and door of this stove is really wide, giving a huge view of the flames. I have put a couple of pictures in the extra details section below of a Westfire 26 burning so you can see the wide view you get and how well it burns. Like the other Westfire stoves the 26 is very controllable and efficient. The door handle is placed discretely down at the base of the door which I think is a nice touch. There is the option of a direct air connection which makes the Westfire 26 stove well suited to the modern, well-sealed, house.

-Minimalist design with extra-large curved glass.
-Up to 4.4 kW output
-5 Year Warranty
-Closed combustion option
-Top or rear flued.
-Efficiency of 78%

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