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Hunter Eco 6


Want a roaring fire, without the carbon guilt? Our biggest eco model blasts out an impressive Heat Output Range of 5kW - 8kW and it still meets the Clean Air Act requirement. The eco 6 is a medium-sized stove with a very big heart.

Load it up with seasoned wood and enjoy a cosy fire with our lowest-ever emissions and an efficiency of 78%. You want the best for your family, and we’ve made it happen: you'™ll get eco-ideal Cleanburn and TripleBurn technology for performance, plus hot Airwash for a cleaner glass, and the revolutionary de-ashing system with special fuel settings to optimise the burning fuel settings to optimise the burning of wood and solid fuel.

-Heat output of 8kW
-Efficiency of 78%
-5 year warranty
-Airwash technology to keep the glass clean
-TripleBurn technology for efficiency

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