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Hunter Lovenholm Traditional


The Lovenholm sets a new standard. It sailed through DEFRA approval, so we despatched it to Denmark to be scrutinised by lab testers.

The Lovenholm came up trumps -“ with outstandingly low levels of particulate emission. (0.19% CO to be precise.) Take a look in the firebox and you'™ll see flames burning brightly with an upward airstream. These are signs of a fire that's effective and virtually smoke-free.

-3-5kw heat output range
-Tripleburn technology
-Hot air wash keeps glass clean
-Dust free, safe and easy riddling
-No air brick necessary
-Multi-fuel grate system accommodates wood or solid fuel
-Can be installed on a 12mm hearth
-Single or double door
-NB. ONLY available as a wood version when single door
-Enhanced primary air for fast light up
-Available in Midnight Black, Forest Green, Almond, Pewter Silver or Cloudy Blue

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