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Regain control over your heating costs by installing the Sonderskoven Inset. Equipped with all the latest technology, it ensures you get more heat from every log. In independent tests, the Sonderskoven Inset achieved efficiency of 77.1%. Compare that to a standard open fire, which utilises about 25% of what you put in. (Solid Fuel Technology Institute, 2013.) Thanks to revolutionary TripleBurn, the Sonderskoven Inset delivers far more blaze for your budget.

-3-5kw heat output range
-Tripleburn technology
-Convection Body Construction
-Hot air wash keeps glass clean
-Dust free, safe and easy riddling
-No air brick necessary
-Multi-fuel grate system accommodates wood or solid fuel
-Can be installed on a 12mm hearth
-Single door
-Enhanced primary air for fast light up

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