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Hergom Sere


Sere inserts feature modern lines with a large glass surface for fire-viewing. Their combustion is controlled by a single lever, which supplies air precisely allowing you to fully control combustion. Powerful, quiet optional blowers for convection heating are available. The interior of the firebox is lined with a choice of vermiculite or cast iron

Powerful but quite optional blowers are available for convection heating
Choice of vermiculite or cast iron interior
Combustion Process: Controlled provision of air for primary and secondary combustion.
Colours available: matt black.
Heat Output: Sere 70 - 8kW, Sere 80 -“ 10kW, Sere 100 -“ 12kW

Natural Convection/Vermiculite Internals
90mm 4 Sided Frame (Mod. 1)


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