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DRU Metro 80XT

dru metro 80

The Metro 80XT is the smallest model in the popular Metro range. The unique burner spreads the fire across the entire width and depth. The raised pane provides an even lovelier, bigger flame picture. The stove can either have a log set or white Carrara pebbles. Its low capacity of 5.1kW makes this fire ideal for smaller living spaces, or as additional heating in the well-insulated modern home.

Features Model: Built-in
Fuel: Natural gas / propane
Output (kW): 5.6 kW / 5.9 kW
Combustion system: Closed
Efficiency: 84%
Interior finish: Black smooth,
Other finishes: Black Ceraglass
Burner: Log set, stones
Fire: Front
Controls: Remote control with electronic ignition (RCH)


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