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Esse Cat

The ESSE CAT Gas is a range cooker that can be completely tailored to suit you and your lifestyle. Choosing the enamel in your favourite colour and having it installed in the ideal spot in your kitchen is just the beginning of how you can personalise the beautiful CAT Gas cooker.

This cast iron range cooker has a timer that allows you to run it exactly as you want to. For example, during the week you might choose only to have it up to temperature ready for you arriving home from work each evening. At weekend you might also have it programmed for a leisurely cooked breakfast on a Saturday, or a mid-afternoon Sunday roast if it suits your family routine.

The CAT does have the potential to be used as a simple on/off appliance but we recommend using it in '˜slumber'™ mode. This means it can go down to an extremely low setting, which uses a negligible amount of energy -“ but from which it can be back up to cooking temperature in just 15 minutes.

This tireless workhorse of a cooker will cook dish after dish (after dish) without any drop in power and performance. And yet -“ the two generous ovens and large hotplate are all heated by a single 7kW burner; offering astounding energy efficiency.

-Gas cooker (natural or propane)
-Catalytic technology requires no flue
-Top oven 48 ltr
-Bottom oven 32 ltr
-Hotplate upto 6 pans
-Single thermostatic burner control
-Auto programmer or manual operation
-Suitable for continuous operation

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