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The hustle and bustle of your home will centre on the steady reliability of this beautifully-balanced range cooker.

This range cooker doesn'™t just cook up a storm, it can also fulfil all your central heating and hot water needs. It is capable of running several radiators and its impressive thermostatic control means that their temperature will be automatically maintained. It is important that this cooker is fitted to an appropriately-sized system to work most effectively: make sure to discuss your heating and hot water requirements with your local ESSE Centre.

The 990 CH does not require a conversion system to switch between wood or solid fuel so you have the freedom to fuel it how you see fit! However, for higher temperatures and less frequent reloading, we would advise that it works best on smokeless fuels such as anthracite.

It will run on full output (radiators, ovens, hotplate and hot water) for more than five hours with just one load of anthracite, or will 'slumber'™ for up to 24 hours on the same load.

As well as a huge cast iron hotplate, the 990 CH has two ovens which maintain different temperatures for enhanced cooking potential. As you would expect from an ESSE, oven temperatures are even and forgiving -“ and as good for rich and flavourful roasts as for melt-in-the-mouth meringues.

-Control to divert heat predominantly to central heating and domestic hot water or cooking
-Generous oven capacity: 48ltr main oven and 32ltr bottom oven
-Large hotplate for up to six pans
-Effortlessly switch between wood and solid fuel, or a mixture of the two
-Burn cycle 24 hours
-Thermostatically-controlled boiler
-Flue damper and flue box knob for additional control
-Precision doors with slam-shut handles
-Hinge stops to prevent doors clashing with cooker front

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