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Esse Plus 1

esse plus1

If you have ever contemplated a wood-burning cooker for your home, but worried you might not want to commit to using it all the time or if you'™ve always wanted a cast iron range cooker, but didn'™t think you had the space - the ESSE Plus 1 is the ideal solution.

The Plus 1 can also be used as a stand-alone appliance. Its versatile hotplate offers reduced temperatures as you move your pan outwards from the centre.

There are very few things more satisfying than cooking a meal using the heat of a fire you'™ve built yourself. Cooking on the Plus 1 feels rewarding, wholesome and somewhat therapeutic, but we appreciate you may not always have the time or the inclination to light a fire in order to cook.

You might, however, choose to team the Plus 1 with a model like the EL 13Amp. This would give you the everyday convenience and quick response time of electric, with the more 'earthy'™ experience of the Plus 1 as and when you choose to fire it up.

It might be that you find yourself using it every day as an extension of your main oven, but you have the freedom to choose. It may even be that you use it all winter, but less so in the warmer summer months when you don'™t need the extra heat in the kitchen.

-Woodburning cooker (multifuel conversion available)
-Single lower oven 32 ltr
-Large 'target' hotplate
-Radiant output to room up to 5kw
-Optional domestic hot water boiler
-Stand alone or to partner another ESSE cooker

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