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Solid Fuel Stove Servicing

Once a year your stove will need a service which would involve stripping, inspecting and cleaning the entire appliance. This will help to keep your stove working safely and at its maximum efficiency. All Cremur’s stove servicemen are HETAS trained and approved. When Cremur carry out you’re an annual stove service, our service engineer will carry-out the following checklist:


  • Removal and cleaning of all internal parts. All parts checked for damage and replaced if needed [If parts get distorted and are not re-placed they can jam mechanisms within the stove or get jammed and stuck in the stove].
  • Firebricks checked and replaced if needed [broken or missing firebricks can cause a cast iron stove to crack or a steel stove to distort].
  • All cleaned parts refitted
  • Glass on door cleaned and check for cracks
  • Old or worn rope seals discarded and a new rope glued in its place. [Old or frayed fire rope seals may allow dangerous gases to leak into the dwelling].
  • Door catch and hinges greased

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