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Chimney Sweeping

Having your chimney swept on a regular basis reduces the risk of chimney fires and allows for proper venting of dangerous combustion gases, for example reducing the risk of carbon mon-oxide in your home.

Cremur’s Chimney Sweeping Service provides for a professional service and assures a fast, clean, friendly chimney cleaning service with no dust and no mess left behind. What makes Cremur different to other chimney cleaning services providers is that we use Rodtech “Pow-er System” cleaning equipment. This system is a form of Power Sweeping as opposed to tra-ditional sweeping which utilising sweeping rods.

Power Sweep for Chimneys
When utilising Power Sweeping, centrifugal force expands the cleaning head to suite the flue you are sweeping. Additionally, it also centres itself because it is not a traditional brush so there is no surface tension being created in the sweeping process as the head adjusts to fit the flue width. We adjust the force of the sweeping action by increasing the speed of the drill and this has the effect of stiffening the brushing action ensuring you get the cleanest sweep.

With traditional sweeping rods you create surface tension, and the brush grabs the surface causing the flue to move while you are trying to sweep it. Should there be any build up in the flue this causes narrowing of the flue and even more surface tension making sweeping hard and causing movement in the flue you are sweeping.

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Power Sweeping Stoves
Cremur’s Chimney Sweeping Service using the latest Rodtech “Power System” cleaning equipment is designed to be extremely flexible, so to pass with ease through the exit pipe of stoves and other fuel appliances, dramatically decreasing the chances of creating wear and tear, and bursting joints open.
On the other hand traditional sweeping forces a solid sewer rod into your stove and through exist pipes and flexible flue-liners to access your flue. This method strongly increases your chances of bursting the joints open, allowing for gases to escape. As a result, this method sweeping could end up being very costly and if not extremely dangerous due to the release of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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