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Solar Panel Service


In order to keep all solar panel systems working at its optimum it should be serviced regularly. If you have a solar panel system that you think may not be working correctly or has not been serviced since it was initially installed give us a call today to book a service. Typically your solar panel system should be serviced every 2 years to ensure that the system is working at its optimum. As part of our standard service we carry out the following solar panels maintenance checks:

  • System Pressure
  • System Flow Rate
  • Anti-Freeze Temp
  • Pressure Vessel Level

If you have a solar panel system installed that you feel is not working correctly this can be because of a number of problems to do with the way the system has been installed or possibility of a defective component. If you would like to talk to us about this feel free to give us a call to arrange an appointment. Some of the common issues that we find when repairing other companies solar panels are:

  • Anti-Freeze leak in the system
  • Incorrectly specified pressure release valve
  • Incorrectly sized pressure vessel
  • Replacement of faulty sensors
  • Replacement of Anti-Freeze
  • Installation of Solar Non-Return Valves
  • Correct repositioning of sensor wires
  • Replace standardised insulation
  • Reprogramming of the solar controller
  • Seal leaks on joints on the system
  • Substandard Control Panel
  • Installation of Air Valves on the System
  • Replacement of Solar Pump
  • Replacement of flow meter
  • Replace poor quality solar slate vent
  • Replacement of defective panels/tubes

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