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Gas Boiler Service

An annual boiler safety check and boiler service, carried out by a professional service engineer ensures that your boiler is functioning properly. Regular servicing of your boiler is important as it ensures that the boiler is working to the specifications designed by the boiler manufac-turer. This will help prolong the life of the boiler as well as reduce the risk of faults and ex-pensive repairs down the line. A detailed service will include inspection of the pipe work, ventilation, clearances etc. The system is then inspected, cleaned and re-assembled. The oper-ation of the boiler functions are then inspected for safe and correct operation. Finally a com-bustion efficiency test will be carried out to ensure that the appliance is operating at its maxi-mum performance levels.

Annual Service check list carried out by Cremur All boilers should be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. When Cremur carry out you’re an annual boiler service, our service engineer will carry-out the fol-lowing checklist:

Visual Inspection:
Check for gas leaks from tank and above ground piping/fittings
Check for significant corrosion on the boiler's outer sheet metal, its cast-iron sections, flue, electrical controls, nearby piping and components
Open the boiler top or look through the inspection port to check for cracks in the firebox or the target wall (the fire clay box or wall that the burner fires into or against)
Check the draft regulator for free movement
Boiler Checks:
Replace fuel filter
Check operation of gas shut-off valve
Check air inlets to boiler room and burner for blockage/size
Check for cracks/damage to burner refractory
Clean/adjust spark electrodes
Clean burner diffuser and air tube
Check ignition transformer, HT cable and porcelain for cracking/deterioration
Check operation of draught stabilizer
Check/clean flame photocell
Clean boiler gas side heat transfer surfaces.
Check operation of high limit thermostat
Replace burner nozzle
Adjust burner pressure and diffuser plate to obtain correct flame shape/length
Check operation of flame failure device
In addition to the above checks, our service engineer will carry out a combustion effi-ciency test on your appliance. This will ensue that the boiler is operating at its optimum efficiency.

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