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Five surprisingly affordable bathroom Shower Ideas

The shower in your bathroom should be more than just a functional space. As a key part of your routine, it should be as comfortable as can be, allowing you to enjoy a few minutes of total peace as you prepare to take on the day.

There are plenty of ways to redesign your suite on even the most modest of budgets. At Cremur we bring a collection of affordable luxury to any home, with a range of fixtures, fittings, and accessories specifically designed to make your showering experience feel luxurious.


If you have a small bathroom space to work with and enjoy a good soak in the tub, a bath-shower combo is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

Thermostatic Shower Mixer valves can help you enjoy a comfortable showering experience, as its thermostatic valve ensures a consistent temperature. They can easily sit within both contemporary and classic suites and is perfectly complemented by a bath screen to prevent splashes.


If you love the luxury of a hot, steamy shower, then why not do away with the bathtub altogether? A 1700mm Slider is the same size as a standard bath and is designed to create a comfortable, oversized showering haven that instantly adds a touch of elegance to your suite.

Kitting it out with a rain head shower head adds an extra layer of indulgence, to create a showering space you won’t want to leave!


Wet rooms are a highly desirable feature in the home and instantly create a contemporary feel, giving your suite a clutter-free, minimalistic finish. You can integrate a stylish wet room into a modestly sized bathroom by removing the bathtub completely and adding a shower screen to prevent splashback around the suite.


pivot door shower can give you the luxury of an enclosed showering space without taking up too much of your suite. The pivot door is forgiving in smaller bathrooms, where space is a premium, and the cushion stop allows silent closing for a quality feel.


A few small changes can go a long way to transforming your bathroom and enhancing your overall showering experience. Switching out a fixed bath screen for a folding version can free up space in your bath shower, making your routine feel so much easier.

Incorporating a towel radiator into your bathroom is the ideal finishing touch, promising a warm, dry, and toasty towel every single time. The addition of a wire basket with dispensers in the corner of your shower instantly creates a more comfortable, clutter-free space, while ensuring your showering essentials are close to hand.

Cheap shower suites can look a lot more expensive than the modest price-tag suggests, giving you all the benefits of a decadent showering space without breaking the bank. Take a look at our Bathroom Ideas area for more tips, tricks, and inspiration on creating your dream bathroom.

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