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Cremur Tips & Tricks

Lighting a Stove

Step 1 Wood Preparation
Firstly and maybe most importantly it is always imperative to use well-seasoned wood (preferably cut and stored for at least 1 year plus but the longer the better). Logs should be stacked outside and under a rainproof cover but in a well ventilated, open area so that air can get to all ends of the logs in order for them to season correctly. In terms of the best wood to burn ñ hard woods such as oak or ash are good value for money as they are denser and will burn for longer.

Step 2 The Essentials
You will need the following essentials in order to get your stove burning well.
Firelighters, dry kindling and matches. With regards to tools, a poker and tongs, fireproof gloves and a good quality fire proof dustpan and brush.
A moisture meter can also be a very useful piece of equipment if you are seasoning your own logs. It will indicate moisture levels in the wood you use to ensure you burn properly seasoned wood in your stove. Wood is usable once the moisture content is below 20 per cent.

Step 3  How To Light A Wood Burning Stove
1) Place the firelighters and dry kindling in the fire box. There are two methods; place the firelighter and then form a wigwam over the lighter using lots of kindling. Or make a ëJengaí tower with 8 pieces of kindling and then place the fire lighter on top.

2) Ensure that all the air controls are opened fully.

3) Light firelighter in a few places to make sure the fire burns evenly.

4) Leave the door open slightly for a few minutes to help the combustion and to heat up the firebox more quickly.

5) When the kindling wood is burning well, add a few small logs above the flames and close the door but keep the air controls open still.

6) After about 20 minutes or so, when there is a good glowing fire, adjust the air control. Add more wood when required. The wood will start to burn slower but more efficiently at this point.

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